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Step 1 is to choose your favourite teddy to deliver your message. All bears are CE marked and are handpacked with your personal message into an attractive Teddy Delivery box lined with tissue paper. Imagine your loved one's smile as they open it up!

These teddies are all approximately 8 cm tall. It's time to find your favourite!

i Little Boy Blue 11.49 Pick Me
Hello, I am a white bear wearing my best denim dungaress and wearing a heart necklace. Everything about me is the sweetist even my heart shaped buttons
i Glen McBear 9.99 Pick Me
In my tartan dungarees no-one's singing
i Lord Rocky 9.99 Pick Me
I'm Lord Rocky of Teddy Towers, a chirpy bear of moose descent I'm eager to make friends when I deliver your message. Something's for sure, I'm different!
i Roosevelt's Roses 14.99 Pick Me
Holding my three pink roses I'm a real treat for your loved one. I'm a traditional teddy wearing my smart bow-tie and delighted to deliver your message
i Marmalade 10.99 Pick Me
I'm called Marmalade just like Paddington's sandwiches and I'm ready for anything in my yellow raincoat. - delivering your message no matter what the weather (although I don't like snow!)
i Sugarcane 9.99 Pick Me
I'm a beige teddy with a shiny red ribbon and a larger than life personality. I don't walk to deliver your message instead I hop skip and jump. My colour means I love to deliver sparkly and brightly coloured gifts.
i Mr Valentine 14.49 Pick Me
I'm the perfect teddy to deliver your Valentine's message even if I do say so myself! I'm not big headed just great!
i Santa - Paws 11.99 Pick Me
i Winter Cream 10.99 Pick Me
I'm Winter Cream, a snuggly polar bear that has bundles of cuddles to keep your friends and family warm.
i Flopsy 10.49 Pick Me
My long floppy ears and orange button nose make me a cute and ever-so unique teddy.
i Mackintosh 10.99 Pick Me
My name is Mackintosh because I never take mine off, I spend lots of time out in the rain cheering people up with my winning smile.
i Mortarboard 11.99 Pick Me
Hooray! I just graduated. Dressed in my graduation gown and cap I look very smart.
i Klutzy 11.49 Pick Me
Whoops, Im a disaster waiting to happen. Even with my arm in a sling I have a big smile on my face.
i Mr T. Delivery 11.99 Pick Me
Im so proud of my home that I wear it on my jumper, along with my trendy jeans.
Pre-made Packages
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Fathers Day Sunday 19th June 2016
Grandparent's Day 13th September 2016
Halloween 31st October 2016
Diwali 11th November 2016
Christmas Day 25th December 2016


Valentine's Day 14th February 2017
Mothers Day Sunday 26th March 2017
Easter Sunday Sunday 16th April 2017

How does Teddy Delivery work? Footer Teddy

Teddy Delivery is a fun and original way to send a charming greeting or gift to a loved one that is guaranteed to be recieved with pleasure!

We offer a wide range of personalised gifts that can be delivered anywhere in the UK, whether it is for a birthday, a wedding, Valentine's Day or just to let someone know you are thinking of them.


Our gorgeous little bears come in various shapes and sizes with outfits and accessories to suit every occasion. Choose your Teddy and add a little something extra to create your perfect package, maybe a red rose for that someone special in your life or a miniture bottle of wine for a dear friend - we have something for everyone! You can then find gifts to add with the bear, such as books and jewellery and once you've put together your perfect package, you can select from our wide variety of gift cards with pictures and phrases such as "Get Well", "I Miss You", "On Your Christening" and many more, personalize them with your own special message and give your messenger bear a name for his or her passport.


We’ve made it easier than ever for you to order these unique teddy bears. There's no need to give us a call, all you have to do is log onto the website and build it all yourself, but we are always here to help if you need us and you can find our details on the Contact Us page.

Once you tell us where we need to ship the gift package, we suit up your teddy bear and carefully pack it into a lovely gift box with your choices of gifts and accesories and get him or her off to deliver your special message, which will arrive in just a few days.